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In-Person Classes That Cover Just About Every Area of IT

IT Classes IT & Cybersecurity Career Foundations*
The perfect first class for anyone who wants to break into IT or Cybersecurity. This course covers various areas of IT and helps students get A+ certified.  See more
Everything in IT makes sense when you understand how it all connects. This class helps students become networking experts and helps students become Network+ certified.  See more

Cybersecurity is an exciting field, and this class delivers! Numerous cybersecurity topics and solutions are covered. Class prepares students for Security+, which is in huge demand.  See more

Cybersecurity Analysis*
Cybersecurity Analysis takes a deeper dive into cybersecurity topics, emphasizing analysis of logs, outputs, and situations. Class helps students achieve CySA+ certification.  See more

Advanced Security*
This class helps prepare students for CISSP and/or CASP+ certification. CISSP and CASP+ certified individuals are considered experts and can command big money and powerful positions.  See more

Data is the heart of information technology and the information age. Learn how to store data, manage it, and protect it.  See more

For aspiring Server or Systems Administrators, this class covers all things servers. The class also helps students become Server+ certified.  See more

Cloud is the trend! As more and more companies utilize cloud services, demand for capable workers has exploded. This class helps students become Cloud+ certified, which proves that you have those skills needed.  See more


Programming, Websites, and Applications Classes
Programming in Any Language*
An introduction and deep dive into computer programming. You'll learn the skills needed to become good at programming so that you can easily pick up any language.  See more

Website & Application Creation 1: Design and Front End*
Before a website is coded, numerous decisions must be made. What words, topics, and pictures will appear? What will the site look like? Class covers topics such as business, marketing, graphic design, photography, and more. Once a website is designed, it is time to start coding! This course also teaches students how to actually create a website using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other front end technologies.  See more

Website & Application Creation 2: Back End
This course teaches some exciting skills! Students learn how to build web applications, which are the driving force of the Internet. Students work on building actual applications, such as login systems and message boards.  See more


Business Classes Data Analysis*
Data analysis looks at trends in business, science, and other real world applications to make observations about what happened, what is happening, and what will happen. Being able to predict the future with sound math will make you extremely valuable! This class is appropriate for people with any math skill level, so don't be afraid!  See more

Project Management*
The idea with project management is that all projects have a lot in common and all projects can be managed in similar ways, whether you're building software applications or building stadiums. By understanding PM, you have skills that are transferrable to any company that embraces the idea and you have skills that can help you get things done.  See more

Business & Entrepreneurship
Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Do you want to be able to help improve the business you are working at and work on getting promoted? This course covers a ton of material that can help you and your business succeed. Among the topics are how to legally start a business, business types, business law, marketing, sales, technology, time management, and how to be successful.  See more

*prepares students for certification exam(s)

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