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  4 Year
typical cost Eddie Teaches IT:$9,000 4 Year College:$38,000 to $225,000+
typical time to complete training Eddie Teaches IT:8 months 4 Year College:4 or 5 years
likelihood of getting a job Eddie Teaches IT:Exceptionally high.

Most IT jobs require certifications and/or experience. Eddie Teaches IT helps you get both.

Almost every Eddie Teaches IT student who successfully completes training gets an IT job within 3 months after finishing training.
4 Year College:Surprisingly low.

Most IT jobs don't require or prioritize college degrees.

Many college graduates cannot get a job in IT and don't know what to do next.
personal attention Eddie Teaches IT:Every student is known by name, every student matters, and every student gets personal attention every step of the way. 4 Year College:There are usually thousands of other students. Students can easily get lost and left behind.
student loans Eddie Teaches IT:There is no need for long-term loans since tuition is affordable.

Most students start working quickly and make much better money than they've ever made, so the education pays for itself in less than a year.
4 Year College:Most college students who take out student loans carry student debt into their 30s. It can take 10 to 25 years or more for some students to pay back their loans.
typical time it takes for beginning students to start working in IT Eddie Teaches IT:Less than 1 year 4 Year College:More than 4 years
typical situation 4 years after training starts Eddie Teaches IT:student has already been working in IT for over 3 years, has no student debt, and has already made over $250,000 4 Year College:student has not worked in IT yet, has massive debt, has an uncertain future, has years of student loan payments to make, and is having a difficult time finding a job in IT
how classes integrate and compliment each other Eddie Teaches IT:The entire program is integrated so you learn everything you need to know and you understand how everything fits together. 4 Year College:College classes can be like a series of building blocks with nothing tying them together.
how students qualify for jobs Eddie Teaches IT:Certifications and knowledge.

Many companies prefer certifications over a 4 year degree since they validate your knowledge.
4 Year College:Diploma.

Some companies prefer college degrees over certifications. Many do not.
what happens to students who struggle Eddie Teaches IT:Students are encouraged and get extra help until they understand the material well. 4 Year College:Students can get put on academic probation and kicked out of school without a refund if they get low grades or fail classes.
typical amount of time spent on non-IT, general education classes Eddie Teaches IT:None. 4 Year College:2+ years.

More than half of college classes are unrelated to a student's major.

That's 2+ years of classes that are completely unrelated to IT or Cybersecurity.
typical amount of money spent on non-IT, general education classes Eddie Teaches IT:None. 4 Year College:$50,000+
breaks between courses Eddie Teaches IT:Usually none.

Students can start working on homework for the next course right away.
4 Year College:Usually over 1 year.

Students have to wait to start the next class after finishing one.

Summer and winter breaks (3 months and 1 month every year) can add up to over one year that a student is stuck and not progressing.
what success looks like Eddie Teaches IT:An Eddie Teaches IT student is considered successful once he or she gets a good IT job. That is the goal and the focus of training. 4 Year College:A college student is considered successful once he or she graduates and gets a degree.

Unfortunately, many college graduates with an IT related degree cannot get an IT job, even if they have a Master's degree.
personalization and flexibility for students Eddie Teaches IT:Everything revolves around the student.

Training plans are personalized and classes cater to students.
4 Year College:Everything revolves around the institution and its rules.

There is little room for flexibility.


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