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Student Testimonials

Teenah Eco
Technical Support Analyst

"I had a TON of doubts when I started my IT career journey. I had been a working professional for 10+ years, I had no prior experience working in IT, and to pivot into a completely different career industry sounded risky.

Eddie played a huge part with supporting me, encouraging me, and he gave me the reassurance I needed to do my best.

In one year, I obtained my A+, Net+, and Sec+. Soon after I landed my first IT role as a Technical Support Analyst.

Eddie's teaching style is very casual, thorough, and fun. It's almost like having a group discussion on the topics. He guides you through all the concepts and focuses on anything that you're having issues understanding. He will also take the time to answer any clarifying questions and be there for you if you need individual help.

He offers resume reviews, and career advice as well. Just think of Eddie like he's a buffet of IT knowledge.

Eddie really cares about his students and their success. He is there for you from the beginning, from day one, and he will be there for you every step of the way...and even after. "

Jahmar Lowe
Field Service Technician

"Working with Eddie has definitely been a positive experience. His teaching style is hands-on and would usually take place in a group setting, but he was also flexible in working with students one-on-one. It is pretty easy to tell that he cares a lot about his students and wants them to succeed.

I can definitely say that working with Eddie on my Network+ and Security+ certifications helped me get to where I am today."

Jericho Capati
Systems Administrator

"I am thrilled to share my experience with Eddie, an absolutely amazing instructor who stands out above the rest. Eddie is not your typical instructor found in YouTube videos, online classes, or even university lecture halls. His unique approach to teaching sets him apart in the realm of IT education.

What makes Eddie exceptional is his remarkable patience and unwavering dedication to his students. Unlike many instructors I've had in the past who simply deliver content or quickly get to the bottom line, Eddie goes above and beyond to ensure that you not only grasp the material but truly understand it, no matter how intricate or difficult the subject is. He will take as much time as needed to ensure that your understanding is at 100%. This way of teaching tells me that Eddie genuinely cares about the success of his students.

Eddie also extends his support to areas crucial for launching a successful IT career. Having worked in various positions within the IT field, he offers invaluable resume and career advice. This personalized guidance proved instrumental for me, as I was able to secure more interviews and ultimately land a high-paying System Administrator position, all thanks to his insights and recommendations. Eddie is all you need to kickstart or even advance your IT career. He not only has the knowledge and experience, but also the genuine willingness to share and guide. His impact on my professional journey has been transformative and I truly cannot thank him enough."

Brian Dillard
IT Instructor

"Eddie's teaching style is unique and a breath of fresh air. His comprehensive teaching style goes over everything while keeping it simple to understand.

He will take the time to explain the subject in multiple ways and will not be happy until you have a confident understanding of the material. Eddie has helped manage my IT dreams and made them into realistic goals."

Michael Hornik
IT Specialist

"Eddie walked me through the career possibilities in IT and reinvigorated my passion for tech. With his help, I was able to get CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certified. Now I'm working full-time in IT as a contractor with the DoD, with no previous experience."

Kim Macias
Network Engineer

"Coming from 10 years of retail management with no IT background, Eddie helped guide me to a place where I felt I belong in a subject that was very foreign to me. After studying for my CompTIA Net+ and Sec+, I was able to begin and move forward in my career in IT. I wouldn't have done it any other way! Eddie is a great teacher for beginners and will help with any questions you may have."

Ben Bartel
IT & Communications Manager

"Eddie was my instructor in CompTIA A+, Net+, and Security+ certification courses. He was more than just a source of information.

It seemed no matter what the question was, Eddie always found a way to help us understand the answer in terms we could connect with. I always knew I could come to him with my questions, from the simplest to the most complex. He always took time to make sure I got the material.

Thanks so much Eddie! I wouldn't be as competent today if not for all your help building the foundation!"

Daniel H.
IT Professional

"With Eddie's guidance and expertise, I've obtained two CompTIA certifications (Cloud+, Network+) and am currently working on my third (Security+).

He's very thoughtful in how he explains things, carefully breaking down complex concepts and then presenting them in a way that's easier to understand. And, if you're still having challenges, he's a very patient and empathetic instructor. He'll definitely work with you to get you over those humps.

I would definitely recommend him. Especially to those that have little to no experience in the IT industry. He will help get you to where you want to be."

Christian Zavala
Systems Administrator

"His program works! I went from being unemployed with almost no IT skills to making a six figure salary within months.

Eddie is a patient teacher. Some IT concepts are difficult to grasp at the beginning. He will rephrase the information until you completely understand each concept. Eddie gave me the confidence and support I needed to be successful.

Through his teaching and mentoring I was able to achieve my dream of an IT career. "

Audric DeCastro
IT Specialist

"Right after the height of COVID, I was down on my luck and I needed to make a drastic change in my life. I had no background in IT and was introduced to Eddie.

6 months and 3 exams later, I became CompTIA A+ and Security+ certified. 3 months after that, I landed my first job in IT.

Under Eddie's instruction and guidance, I've come to a point where I can say this is the happiest and most fulfilled I've ever felt in my life.

Whether your focus is IT instruction, resume and interview help, career advice, or whatever, if the person you want in your corner is someone thoughtful who genuinely cares, if you want to change your life, Eddie is your guy."

John Jones
Technical Site Analyst

"Eddie is an exceptional Teacher in Information Technology and Cybersecurity classes. He fosters a supportive environment, encourages questions, and goes the extra mile to ensure comprehension.

Eddie's engaging teaching style, his ability to simplify complex topics, and his unwavering commitment to each student's success transformed my learning experience. Thanks to Eddie, I not only passed my certification exams but gained a deep understanding of the subjects.

His dedication to his students is remarkable, and I highly recommend him as an outstanding educator who truly makes a difference. He really is with you from the start to the finish.

After just 30 days from passing my certification with Eddie, I started my first cybersecurity job with a starting pay of 38$ an hour. It may sound cliche but if I can do it, I truly believe anyone can. Thanks Eddie for changing my life and my family's lives!"

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