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5 Guarantees

For Your Peace of Mind

1. Things Happen Guarantee

If you stop attending class for any reason, you will be able to attend the class again for free the next time it is offered.

2. Certification Passing Guarantee

If you take a course but have difficulty passing the final exam or certification exam, you will be allowed to attend the class again for free the next time it is offered. Students almost always get extra help and pass the exam before the next class is offered.

3. You Will Get Hired Guarantee

You are guaranteed a job in IT or Cybersecurity if you follow your personalized plan and successfully complete training. You will get resume help, interviewing help, and help applying to jobs until it happens.

Every student Eddie has worked with got a job in IT or Cybersecurity after following the plan and successfully completing training. The only exception was 2 students with disabilities who were unable to get any job because they had other barriers to overcome. Every other student successfully landed a job and worked in IT or Cybersecurity.

4. Dignity and Inclusion Guarantee

Every student matters. You can expect to be treated with respect and dignity at all times. The classroom is a collaborative, inclusive, friendly, and welcoming team environment.

5. Personalized Guarantee

It can seem scary and risky to start a new phase of your life. Please bring up any concerns you have. If you'd like, you can have a personalized guarantee tailored to your concerns.


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