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Veterans Employment Program

A Proven Plan to Get Veterans Trained and Hired in an Exciting and High Paying Field

Common Challenges Faced by Veteran Students and How They are Addressed at Eddie Teaches IT

Challenge #1:

Veterans have a high unemployment rate, especially those without a degree.


Eddie Teaches IT specializes in getting students fully trained and employed. Most don't have a college degree.

College students are considered successful when they get a degree. Eddie Teaches IT students are considered successful when they get a job.

Every student goes through a structured training plan that, when completed, results in a job in the field at a near 100% rate. Students are never on their own. During training, they get plenty of access to extra help and mentoring. When training is complete, they get help with their resume, writing cover letters, interviewing skills, and job search. Many students become friends and attend social events together, even after class ends. When someone lands a new job, especially their first in the field, that is a day for everyone to celebrate.

Challenge #2:

Veteran students tend to be older than traditional college students and can feel out of place at college.


Veterans fit in perfectly at Eddie Teaches IT.

About 80% of college veterans are over 25 years old, leaving many to feel out of place at college because of their age. Eddie's students are more diverse. There are students who are traditional college age (18-23), but there are also students in their upper 20s, 30s, and 40s. Many of Eddie's students are trying to switch careers.

Challenge #3:

Many veterans don't want to go to a 4 year college since they want to start their career more quickly.


Eddie's students are usually trained and get employed in about 8 months, not 4 years.

Eddie Teaches IT students work on passing certification exams, which leads to them getting hired. They are never required to take unnecessary classes. In college, more than 2 years is devoted to general education classes unrelated to a student's major.

Challenge #4:

Many veterans have disabilities, which may make it more difficult to achieve academic and career success.


Eddie has worked with at least 30 veteran students and, in total, at least 40 students who disclosed having a disability. Students get a very personalized, inclusive, and welcoming experience that is designed to help them succeed.

Every student deals with obstacles and every student works with Eddie to help address them. The goal of training is to pass certification exams and get employed. Students work with Eddie on achieving those goals.

The classroom environment is very inclusive and very welcoming. Overall, the entire training program is very personalized and flexible. It is usually much easier to work around and address disabilities or other obstacles in this personalized and inclusive setting.

Challenge #5:

Veterans are transitioning from a highly structured environment and can struggle in educational environments that are less structured.


Eddie Teaches IT is very structured.

Eddie Teaches IT is very structured. Students have detailed plans outlining exactly what to do and how to do it. They know what is expected of them at all times. Their job is to work hard and put in the effort.

Challenge #6:

Veterans can be very busy with doctor appointments, military obligations, and taking care of family. This can interfere with studying and attending class.


Arrangements can be made to make up for missed class time. Also, there are less class sessions to attend.

About 47% of veterans are married and about 47% have kids. Many have medical appointments they must attend and other obligations that can get in the way of class or studying.

Although Eddie Teaches IT is very structured, it is also very flexible. Life happens, and students do not get penalized for that. Instead of disciplinary action and potentially expelling students, which can happen in college, Eddie works with students individually to help them succeed. Training plans can be adjusted and obstacles can be overcome.

College students tend to take 4 or 5 classes at a time. At Eddie Teaches IT, students take one class at a time. Most are available at night. This makes it much easier on students who need to attend appointments.

Class schedules are carefully planned to make sure students are in class the perfect amount. There are enough classes for students to learn everything they need without wasting time with unnecessary classes. Most courses meet for 12 or so class sessions, plus any extra help needed. Students are never asked to attend unnecessary class sessions, something that is very typical in college.

Challenge #7:

Veterans can have difficulty sitting for extended periods of time.


All student desks are sit/stand desks which can be raised for standing. Students are also welcome to take a break at any time.

Students can raise their desks at any time. They are also welcome to take breaks at anytime. This may be considered troublesome behavior at colleges. At Eddie Teaches IT, there is an appreciation for every student. Students who have difficulties like sitting are respected for their willingness to still show up.

Challenge #8:

Veterans can have difficulty hearing due to tinnitus or hearing loss.


Key points are often repeated multiple times and students often need some time to take notes. There is plenty of time for things to be repeated multiple times and in multiple ways.

Classes are very interactive and more of a group discussion as opposed to a Powerpoint lecture. Key points are often repeated multiple times anyway, and there is time allowed for students to take notes before moving onto the next topic. This makes it a lot easier for a student with hearing issues.

Talking points can be complex, and it's good to have a little time before starting the next topic anyway. Since so many key points are repeated and explained in multiple ways, students don't have to worry about feeling bad if they need to hear something again.

Students who are up front about hearing issues can sit in the front of the room and arrangements can be made to make sure they understand every topic without feeling like they are being an inconvenience.

Challenge #9:

Veteran students may want to sit in the back of the room or away from windows. This can be difficult or awkward to request in college.


This is easy at Eddie Teaches IT. There is no process, just a quick and easy converstaion. This can be arranged easily and in a very respectful way.

Students requesting special accommodations have to go through a process in college. This can be uncomfortable and involve a team of people. Enforcing this could be awkward since students may have to be moved and the process can attract unnecessary and unwanted attention. Besides being a hassle, students may be uncomfortable knowing the request is recorded and kept on file.

At Eddie Teaches IT, this is a very brief and easy conversation. There is no written record. Students usually sit in the same seat every class anyway. If any student asks for a specific seat, that can be easily arranged while drawing minimal attention to it.

Challenge #10:

Veterans may have difficulty building social relationships.


Many of Eddie's students become friends. Classes are very inclusive and there is a culture of caring and respect.

Classes are intentionally designed to make sure every student has the opportunity to meet and get to know every student. There are numerous social opportunities outside of class and everyone is invited. Many students become good friends. Veterans and all students have plenty of opportunities to build relationships and make lifelong friends.

Challenge #11:

Veterans can feel unwelcome at college campuses because of anti-military or anti-war protests and sentiment.


Eddie Teaches IT is a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone is treated with respect. All students are welcome if they have respect for other students. There are no protests.

At Eddie Teaches IT, there is a sense of team and a real respect among students. There is no giant college campus for protests. Just a team atmosphere and friends. Veterans and all students are respected and appreciated.

Challenge #12:

Veterans may feel like they do not belong and do not fit in with other college students.


Every Eddie Teaches IT student belongs. There is a feeling of community and a culture of caring.

The culture at Eddie Teaches IT is very apparent and very intentional. Every student belongs, and there is no exception. There is a culture of caring, respect, and inclusion.

Challenge #13:

Students may feel uncomfortable communicating sensitive issues to college officials or professors.


Students meet Eddie and get a sense of the environment before ever going to class. They can decide if it is the right environment for them.

In college, students would have to talk to professors and other college officials in a special office about sensitive issues which may be getting in the way. At Eddie Teaches IT, there is one person to talk to. Students meet him before ever going to class and can decide for themselves if this is someone they would trust and want to work with.

Challenge #14:

Many veteran students face school-related challenges, including how to study, how to manage their time, and how to interact with classmates and teachers.


These issues are common among veteran and non-veteran students. They are addressed in group settings and one-on-one conversations.

Many students have difficulty with how to study, how to manage their time, and how to interact with others. This is not unique to veterans. One-on-one meetings and group discussions help students who have difficulty in these areas.

7 Reasons Why Many Veteran Students are Successful

Reason #1: A great work ethic.

Reason #2: Highly motivated.

Reason #3: Good self-discipline.

Reason #4: A willingness to listen and take direction.

Reason #5: A preference to do things the right way.

Reason #6: Their experience can help them in unexpected ways.

Reason #7: Many have the attitude that there are no excuses. When they want something, they go and get it.


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